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Creating a lasting impact through prepaid products and technology

As one of the first countries InComm expanded into, Canada represents an area where our products and technology have made a lasting impact. In less than a decade, we have transformed the Canadian market through our popular financial services brand, Vanilla, and our expansive retail network, the largest in the country.

No matter where Canadian consumers are, we can connect you to them.

We have a presence in over 17,000 retail locations across Canada and process over $1 billion in transactions every year. Our deep portfolio of products and services give our partners what they need to reach their customers and create dynamic and seamless commerce experiences.

Country Highlights

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Canadian Strategy Alliance

During our annual Canadian Strategy Alliance event, we bring the best of payments together to lead the industry toward continued growth.

Covering Canada

Covering Canada

We represent both regional and national retailers in Canada across all channels, including convenience, big box, pharmacy, grocery and specialty.

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Reliable Transactions

We are committed to excellence in customer service, embracing several methodologies to ensure our partners can enable transactions when, where and how they want.


InComm Canada works with many of the most popular brands in the industry:

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