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Serving a consumer base that seeks prepaid solutions

With almost 75 percent of Colombians reliant on cash, the country’s consumer base has a deep need for prepaid solutions. Our team in Colombia delivers those solutions through long-lasting partnerships with retailers, enabling us to reach across the country and deliver prepaid product to the consumers who need them.

Our products and services cover the majority of Colombia.

We have a presence in more than 85 percent of the retailers in Colombia, and that network extends across 90 percent of the country’s cities. InComm Colombia is a pioneer in the digital content category, leading the market in the distribution of those gift cards across the country.


Country Highlights

Value to Partners

Value to Partners

We work closely with our retail partners to help grow their business through innovation point-of-sale activation technology, improved visibility and new distribution channels.

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Improved Logistics

Our team in Colombia works hand-in-hand with distributors to reduce costs and increase frequency of visits to stores, enabling higher revenue.

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Joint Venture

InComm Colombia is a joint venture with MovilRed, an experienced local financial company.


InComm Colombia partners with many of the leading brands in the country:

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