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Bringing value to retailers and content to consumers

More than half of Brazil’s population is cash-preferred, which makes products like prepaid cards more than a luxury. They are a necessity. For many products, like streaming and gaming services, prepaid cards are the only way to give access to these consumers. 

Our growth is built on fulfilling Brazilian consumers’ needs.

Since entering the Brazilian market in 2012, our growth has been mirrored by our partners’ growth. Our team works closely with local retailers to provide them with the best possible prepaid platform and content. This allows them to continuously drive traffic into stores and meet their customers’ needs.


Country Highlights

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Continued Growth

InComm Brazil began with about 150 points of retail distribution and has grown to over 4,000 with more than 22,000 terminals in just over six years.

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Embracing Gamers

Through our popular prepaid products and participation at local trade shows, we have brought tremendous visibility to the gaming segment in Brazil.

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Connecting with Brands

Our prepaid platform connects Brazilian retailers with popular, global brands like Netflix, Uber, Xbox and Google, turning their stores into destinations for their products.


InComm Brazil partners with many of the leading brands in the country:

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